Patrick Henry Vaughan
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This information on Patrick Henry Vaughan ant the Old Corinth Cemetery was taken
from an article dated 6-22-96 by Edward Charles Ellenbrook in the Lawton, OK
"Wichita Mountains Field Notes"

The Corinth Cemetery was established in 1891 in old Greer County, TX ,
and is located 2 mi North, 2.5 mi west of Blair.

The first person buried there was Burnetta Vaughan, the daughter of
Patrick Henry Vaughan, who from the hardships of pioneer living died
of typhoid fever at the young age of 32 years. This was on Nov. 25, 1891
PATRICK HENRY VAUGHAN - The remains of P. H. Vaughan were
laid to rest here at the old Corinth Cemetery on Feb. 9, 1918.  Patrick
was the third child born to Alberto and Martha Vaughan on April 9,
1833, in Tennessee.

  With the opening of Texas to settlement the family settled in Mc
Clennan County in 1854 where the town of West now stands.  Patrick's
father went into the general mercantile business while Pack (as he was familiarly called), a young man of 21 years, had acquired a fine herd
of cattle. On June 7, 1857, Patrick married Jane Bennett, who had a
reputation for being a superb horsewoman, of whom it was written,
she could ride most any horse you could lead to a still-block.

  During the time the Civil War broke out, Vaughan didn't sign up
immediately due to being married and the father of two children.  In
1862, he joined the Confederate Army and was attached to Bufford's
Regiment, 19th Texas Calvary, Parson's Brigade, captained by Captain
John M. Stone.  At the Battle of Pea Ridge, Ark., Vaughan fought his
first and only battle where he fell critically wounded in the left shoulder
and arm. He lay on the battlefield for hours until a northern woman of Missouri nursed him and two others until they could travel out of harm's
way. Due to the wound Patrick was never able to return to the battlefield; however, he served as a guard at the Huntsville, Texas, penitentiary until
the war came to an end.

  It was 1890 that he pulled up stakes and after several moves finally
settled the family in Old Greer County, where he lived until he died in
1918.  Patrick and his wife, Jane, who preceded him in death in 1911,
are now resting in the old Corinth Cemetery along with two daughters.

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