John Latin Vaughan
Ireland to the United States
Submitted by Elizabeth Crouthamel

Note from Elizabeth: This is all I know about my father's folks"  I am descended from John
Latin Vaughan through his daughter, Evadine.  I copied this as Latrobe wrote it, some of the
words are gone others are very smugged-I did my best! 

Copied from "Our Vaughan Family Tree"
by Henry Latrobe Vaughan

" The first knowledge I have of the Vaughan Clan starts in
the 17th century. At the time they were citizens of Wales. In
1621, Henry Vaughan and his twin brother Thomas were born
to this ancient Welch Family in Skething on Usk. They were
educated in Oxford both became famous writers. Henry for his
many books of poems both secular and sacred, and mystical
treties in prose. Thomas became a Resecrution and wrote 11
volumes defending his belief."

"What happened in the next 200 years, I don't know but about
1821 John Vaughan was born in Ireland. When becoming of
age, he moved to Scotland and lived in the town of Paisley, where
he learned the trade of weaving the once famous Paisley shawls. About this time he met and married abeautiful scottish lassy who
in due time became my grandmother. This Lassy was a very sweet singer and was one of the Scots who, rebelling against the abuses
of the Church of England, met on the Green at Paisley, and
orginzed the Free Church of Scotland.  Of this Union, they reared eight children, Maggie, Janette, Belle, James, John Latin, Agness, Bossie, and Dave."

"John Latin Vaughan was born on Jan 3, 1843, in the little
Scottish town of Elerslie, the home town of Sir William Wallace.
The famous tree where Sir William hid to escape from the English soliders was nearby and in the morning cast its shadow across the threshold of the house were John L. was born. Father was rocked
in the cradle of  the Scots poet Robert Burns. Father was taught
to weave the famous shawls and got most of his education while weaving. When father (John L.)was seven, his parents decided to
go to the United States, thinking to be near the market place of
the Paisley shawls, and receive first hand some of the fabulous
money paid for these wares. This proved fallous and they subsiquently discarded the loom and took up market gardening
at Moseside, ,New Piteairm, on the Pennsylvania Railroad."

John Vaughan became a U.S. Citizen on  Sept. 3, 1864

John Latin Vaughan became a U.S. citizen on Sept. 17, 1868

Maggie Vaughan married a brassfounder named Sheermesser
and lived in McKeesport, Pa.

Janette Vaughan married Philem Cox of Merkel Texas

Belle Vaughan married a steelworker named Mitchel in Mc
Keesport, Pa.

James was an Indian Fighter in Arizona and was shot in the
knee with an apache arrow.He became a steelworker in Mc
Keesport, Pa.

John Latin Vaughan married Abbie G. Struble and had George,
Henry Latrobe, Madge Edna, And Evadine.

Agnes Vaughan married Heslep in TurtleCreek, PA.

I don't know who Bessie married.

Dave Vaughan was a civil engineer for the Penn Railroad and
lived in Philly, Pa. made a fortune out of railroad patents.

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