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Abel Vaughn
Born 1803 
Virginia/Kentucky/Tennessee/Indiana/S. Carolina
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

Albert Vaughan
Baker County, Oregon

Alfred Jefferson Vaughan Jr.
Civil War Biography 
Submitted by Jill Stafford

Col. Alfred Jefferson Vaughan
1800 Virginia to 1871 Mississippi
Submitted by Janet Krohn

General Alfred J. Vaughan
Virginia and Tennessee
Submitted by James R Treadwell

Armon P. Vaughn

Benjamin Vaughan
Madison County, Arkansas
submitted by Eddie Davis

Charles Emmett Vaughan
Gasconade County, Missouri
Submitted by Scott R. Vaughn

Christopher C. Vaughan
Submitted by Blondell Whiting

Christopher Vaughn
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

Cornelius Vaughan
Son of Cornelius and Elizabeth Vaughan 
Spotsylvania Co., VA. 1729. 
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

Daniel Vaughan
1787 Virginia to 1864 Arkansas
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

David Smith Vaughan
Submitted by David Vaughan

E. A. Vaughn
Linn County Iowa 
Submitted by Dale

Rev. Elias L. Vaughan
Carroll Co., Virginia, 1845, s/o Abner Vaughan 
Submitted by Frank Vaughan

Elisha Vaughan
Born Pittsylvania County, Va., 1797 to Kentucky 
Submitted by Linda Hubbard

Enoch Vaughan
Submitted by Joe Potter

Francis Joseph Vaughan
New York - Arizona 1858

George Vaughan
Massachusetts Mid-1600's
Submitted by Daniel Vaughan

Granville H. Vaughan
Born Rutherford County, Tenn., 1831 
to James and Nancy (Hatchett) Vaughan
Submitted by Eddie Davis

Harrison Vaughan
Bellbrook, Ohio
Submitted by J.C. Monfort

Henry Vaughan
Schuyler Co. IL   and some of his descendants.
Submitted by Randall Vaughn

Horace Worth Vaughan
Marion County, Texas

Patrick Henry Vaughan

James David Vaughan
Virginia early 1800's then Tennessee.
Submitted by David Vaughan

James David Vaughan
Song book publisher and founder of the Vaughan 
Conservatory of Music and Bible Institute
Submitted by Joan Lewin

James Lafayette Vaughan
Arkansas  Born 10 September 1887

Judge James R. Vaughan
Born Murfreesboro, Tenn. Jan. 6, 1845
Submitted by Joan Lewin

James Vaughn
Tennesse, Iowa, Kentucky  Born near Knoxville, Tenn.,
March 14, 1828  S/o Abel and Jane Vaughn. 
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

James Shelly Vaughn
Born in Kentucky, Sept.29, 1855. 
Son of James F. and Mary (Griffith) Vaughn
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

James Vaughn
Lewis County, Kentucky

James Robert Vaughan b 1849 
James Hiram Vaughn from Rome, GA

John Crawford
Civil War Biography
Submitted by Jill Stafford

John Latin Vaughan
Submitted by Elizabeth Crouthamel

John Q. Vaughan
Submitted by Jan Phillips

Joseph Vaughan
Massachusetts 1600's
Submitted by Daniel Vaughan

Joseph Elkanah Vaughan
Submitted by Barbara Bishop Stovall

Newton Vaughan
Jackson County, Missouri
Submitted by Doug Vaughn

Patrick Henry Vaughan 
Greer County, Texas
Submitted by Mary Brown

Payton A. Vaughn
Dinwiddie Co. Virginia
Submitted by Randall Vaughn

Early days of Reuben Vaughn
Palo Pinto Story
Submitted by Flo J. Dickey

Robert Vaughan
Submitted by Linda Hubbard

Rockwall County, Texas
James Robert Vaughan b 1849
James Hiram Vaughn from Rome, GA 
Martha Jane Vaughn b 1888 in Sharp  Co. AR
Submitted by Thelma

Samuel C. Vaughn
Born in Kentucky 1813. 
Submitted by Carmen Boyd

Stephen Vaughn
Submitted by Dale Garton

Stokley Vaughn
Hawkins Co., Tennessee 
Submitted by Phyllis Phillips

T.S. Vaughn
1820     Tennessee

T. W. Vaughan
Born in Fleming County, Kentucky 1848. Grandson of 
James Vaughan Son of Thomas Vaughan.
Submitted by Linda Hubbard

Thomas Vaughn 
Kentucky to Pennsylvania

Thomas C. Vaughn

Thomas J. Vaughan
Born in Wayne County, W. Va., 1830.
Submitted by Jan Phillips

A History of the Vaughans and Descendants
by Reuben Vaughn in 1891
Palo Pinto Co., Texas
Submitted by Flo Dickey

Walter Raleigh Vaughan
From Virginia to Alabama 

William John Vaughn
Son of Herrod Vaughn and Sarah Vaughn.
Born in Bedford County Tennessee 1832
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

William Hatchett Vaughan 
Grandson of David Smith Vaughan
Submitted by David Vaughan

William Hatchett Vaughan
Submitted by Virginia Payne

William R. Vaughn
Born 1830 Kentucky to Scott County, Arkansas

William Riley Vaughan
Franklin County, Missouri

William W. Vaughan
Mongomeryshire, North Wales to
Racine, Wisconsin

William Wirt Vaughan
Wilson County, Tennessee

William W. Vaughan     Biography
Mongomeryshire, North Wales  Racine, Wisconsin

Associated  Lines

Henry Darling 

Son of the Hon. William Darling and Margaretta 
Vaughan (Smith) Darling Reading, Pennsylvania

Henry Ellis
Husband of Columbia Vaughan
Submitted by Linda Hubbard

James D. Wilson
Born - Pettis County, MO, 1850.  
Husband of  Mary Vaughan
Submitted by Linda Hubbard


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