Daniel Vaughan
1787 Virginia to 1864 Arkansas
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

From VAUGHAN PIONEERS By Lewis Vaughan

"Daniel Vaughan, b. ca 1787 in VA , d. ca 1864, Madison
Co., AK., killed by bushwackers in Civil War, Married
Margaret (Peggy) Hammons (?) b. ca 1797 in TN d. after

1. Rhoda Vaughan b. 1812
2. Aletha C. Vaughan b. ca 1814
3. Isaac Vaughan b. 1818
4. Zimri Vaughan b. 1821 in MO
m. Mary Emily ----- b. 1824 in TN
5. Catherine Vaughan b. ca 1823
6. Nancy Vaughan b. 1826
7. Anna Vaughan b. ca 1829
8. Susan Vaughan b. Nov 1832

These bushwackers were vicious, lawless men who took
advantage of the chaos of civil war to serve their own evil
purposes. they beat and tortured Daniel in an attempt to
force him to reveal the hiding place of his supposed
treasure. Daniel never obliged them, perhaps because
there was no treasure to conceal. The Bushwackers
abandoned their efforts only when life had passed from
his body. The beating and torture supposedly occurred in
a field near two trees which subsequently became a land-
mark in the community.

Daniels body was buried without a marker, and the
location of his grave is now lost.

Daniels children divided up his land in 1868 by means
of a series of quit claim deeds. In a deed executed by
Zimeri and Emily Vaughan on 21 March 1868 the deed
was made subject to the condition that:

Margaret Vaughan widow of Daniel Vaughan deceased
is to have a certain tract of land containing 110 acres
and a half and that she is to hold the same during her
natural life and is to have the exclusive right to control
the same so long as she may live and that no person is to
settle or live there without her consent. From this we know
that Peggy Hammons Vaughan was still living in 1868.
She apparently died before 1870, for I am unable to locate
her in 1870 Madison Co., AK census."

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