Armon P. Vaughn
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

Kansas and Kansans: Volume 5

Armon P. Vaughn was born in Mercer County, Pennsylvania,
on a farm near Greenville, in a rugged and picturesque
section of Western Pennsylvania, January 10, 1858. He was
third of the five children of John and Harriet (Perrin) Vaughn,
 the father a native of Pennsylvania and the mother of New
York State.

In the maternal line Professor Vaughn is descended  from the Montgomery family of New York. His grandfather Vaughn
fought with Commodore Perry in the great battle on Lake
Erie early in the War of 1812. John Vaughn was a Civil War
soldier, answering the call for three months troops at the
beginning of the war and subsequently re-enlisting, and he
was at Richmond after Lee had evacuated that city. John
Vaughn  became a farmer, tilled some land on the hills of
Western Pennsylvania, but in 1866 removed to Northeastern Missouri. He  and his family traveled by train as far as Macon
City and then penetrated the wilderness by wagon into Adair
County. He  secured 120 acres, improved the land, and was
actively engaged in farming until he had reached the age of seventy-five. He  then removed to Kirksville, Missouri, where
he died at the age of eighty. John Vaughn was not a man who
could be said to  have been liberally educated, having attended
school only six months in all his life, but keen powers of
observation and a  habit of reading and careful study carried
on for many years gave him a well rounded knowledge and information much  above the average. He was very much
concerned with the education of his children and did all that
could be expected of  him in that way. He was also active in the Methodist Episcopal Church, and as a republican was a loyal
party man but  never held office except membership on the
school board.

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