Lemuel Vaughan
of Louisana
Submitted by Donna Vaughn

Lemuel Vaughan married Elizabeth and had issue:
Peggy b. 1821
Margaret b. 1825
Beverly     (male)  b. 1828 
Edith b. 1830

Lawson Vaughan married Sarah Jane Apr.15,1858

Lemuel J. Vaughan  b.1859, son of Lawson Vaughan and Sarah Quintilla Anna Virginia Vaughan b. 1862  Daughter of Lawson and Sarah Jane Vaughan.

Emily Jane, daughter of Lawson b. 1865. Daughter of Lawson and Sarah
Jane Vaughan.

John Benlough Vaughan  b.1868.  Son of Lawson and Sarah Percival Vaughan, b:1874, son of Lawson and Sarah.

P.C. Vaughan married Estelle Giles Jan.31,1900.

Edgar Whitfield Vaughan  b. 1909. Son of Percy C.Vaughan and Estelle.

John Giles Vaughan b. 1905. Son of Percy C. and Estelle.

Percy Clyde Vaughan b. 1906.  Son of Percy C. and Estelle.


Lemuel Vaughan d. 1857
Lemuel Vaughan d.  1846
Elizabeth Vaughan d. 1855
Elbert D. Vaughan d. 1857 son of Lemuel Vaughan 
Lawson Vaughan d. 1886 son of Lemuel Vaughan
Sarah Jane d. 1917 wife of Lawson Vaughan
John Benlough Vaughan d. 1943 son of Lawson Vaughan
Lemuel W. Vaughan d. 1945 son of Lawson Vaughan
Quintella Ann V. Vaughn d. 1946 daughter of Lawson Vaughan
Emily Jane Vaughan d.1946 daughter of Lawson Vaughan
Estelle Giles d.1958 wife of Percy C.Vaughn

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