James and Rhoda Vaughan
Submtted by Lee Zuker

Note from Lee:  The following information was transcribed by Lee Zuker from the Vaughan
Family Bible.  Harriet Elizabeth Vaughan is Lee Zuker’s great grandmother and the bible
came to him on the death of his mother, Ruth Lucille Emery. Harriet Vaughan married John
Henry Emry (Emery), and their son, Ralph Vaughan Emery was Ruth’s father .. Lee’s grand-
father (who died in 1971).  This information is sorted by person, rather than as listed (which
was by birth, deaths and marriages.  All but the data marked with an asterisk is written by one
hand.  The remaining is by one or two additional persons.

Source Citation: The Holy Bible, Containing The Old And New Testaments, Translated Out
Of The Original Tongues, And With The Former Translations Diligently Compared And
Revised, With Canne’s Marginal Notes And References Published by E. Morgan and Sons,
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1838

James (father) Vaughan was born Sept the 17th 1805
Father James Vaughan died July the 29th, 1851 aged 45 years, 10
months, 12 days

Rhoda (mother) Vaughan was born June the 8th, 1810 (3)
Mother Rhoda Vaughan, wife of James Vaughan died Dec 19th, 1880.          Aged 70 years –7mo.–11 days in Farmington Twp, Fulton County, Ill.
* (2)

James Vaughan and Rhoda Vaughan were married Sept 8th, 1844 (4)

Francis Vaughan was born Sept the 11th 1828
Francis D. Vaughan died Feb the 26th, 1848 aged 19 years, 5 months,
15 days

George C. Vaughan was born May the 17th, 1830
George C. Vaughan died August the 9th, 1845, aged 15 years, 2 months,
23 days

William N. Vaughan was born March the 7th, 1832

Margaret P. Vaughan was born Nov the 11th, 1833
Margaret P. Vaughan died July the 27th, 1851, aged 17 years, 8 months,
16 days

James A. Vaughan was born Jan the 26th, 1837

Harriet E. Vaughan was born May the 28th 1845

John Emry & H. E. Vaughan were married December 4, 1867* (1)

Sarah A. Vaughan was born May the 21st, 1847
Wm. J. Tucker & Sarah A. Vaughan were married December 4th, 1867
* (1)

Charles H Vaughan was born Apr the 3rd 1849
Charles H Vaughan died October the 15,1855 aged 6 years, 6 months,
12 days

(1)     A double wedding (per family lore) in either Canton or Farmington Township, Fulton County Illinois

(2)     Confirmed by death certificate, which also states that she was
born in Maryland, which may or may not be correct (it seems at this
point that NJ is more likely)

(3)     An additional listing in the bible of Marriott names confirms
Rhoda’s maiden name as Marriott (her father Isaac, and mother Sarah)

(4)     Hamilton Co. (Ohio) Marriages 1843-1884

(5)     Apparently cholera was rampant in southern Ohio during the
1840’s, perhaps accounting for the large number of untimely deaths.
After 1851(1856 per her death certificate), Rhoda moved with her two
step sons, William and James, and her daughters Harriet and Sarah

(6)     It seems clear that James Vaughan was married to someone first,
who was the mother of the first five children.

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