McMinn County, Tennessee
Submitted by Phyllis

This record comes from the WPA records of McMinn County, Tennessee.  Records
copied from the Bible at the home of John T. Denton, Etowah Tenn., by Mrs.
Lucille Latham.
Calvin Denton born 8 May 1830
Nancy E. Vaughan born 19 May 1838
Dora Horace Denton born 5 Jan 1862
Henry Appa Denton born 26 Sep 1863
William Thomas Denton born 1 Apr 1865
Martha Leah Denton born 17 Sep 1867
Robert Lee Queener born 20 May 1896
Robert I Denton born 8 Nov 1870
Mary Barcha Denton born 4 Sep 1872
John Madison Queener born 25 May 1896
Sallie Amanda Queener born 18 Feb 1869
Fred Calvin Queener born 22 Jun 1892
Jacob Buford Queener born 26 Oct 1896
Emma Sue Queener born 21 Oct 1898
Johnie Denton Queener born 21 Dec 1900
Calvin E. Denton married Nancy E. Cantreel  6 Nov 1860
J. M. Queener married Sallie A. Denton 28 Oct 1891
S.P. Thomas married Sallie Denton Queener 16 Feb 1910

J.M. Queener died 2 Oct 1900
Fred C. Queener died 27 Jul 1907
John Turley Denton died 10 Sep 1927 age 51 years 6 mos 12 days

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