Benjamin & Margret Vaughan
Late 1700's

Source: Library of Virginia Digital Collection
LVA Bible Records Number 20641
Note:  This record is terribly faded in many areas and is mostly unreadable. 
Benjamin & Margret Vaughan Children

Matilda Vaughan ...
Lemuel Vaughan 12th of ...
Boling Vaughan 30th of 8th mo 1779
Joseph Vaughan 22d of 8th mo 1781
John Ladd Vaughan __ of ...
Benjamin Vaughan 30th of 11th mo 1805
Anna Ladd Vaughan 29th of 3d mo 1808
Lucy Dabney Vaughan 26th of _ mo 1810
Margaretta B___ Vaughan 2d of 7th mos 18__
Mary M. Vaughan 2d of 7th mos 1813
Charles Henery Vaughan 21st of 11th mos 1816
Virginia Vaughan on the 10th September 1832
Edwin Vaughan was born the 19th of Nov
Chs Eddie Vaughan was born 25th June 1889
Catherine ...
Mary Sue Vaughan was born Aug 11th 1891
___ Vaughan was born May 5th 1893
Richard _ Vaughan Jr was born Nov 19 1895
Warren Paul Vaughan was born 26 __ 1898 ____ 4th Sept 1898
Steven Scott Vaughan was born ___ 27th 1903

[there are many entries on this page but they are unreadable except for:]
Annie Carpenter Vaughan died July 28. 1909
J.B. Vaughan died 4th Jan 1900 in his 47 year
C.H. Vaughan of ___ died Oct 23, 19__
Alice Vaughan died ... 1877[or 1899] in her 53rd year
Susan Vaughan died Oct 11th 1909

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