The first pages of the
Vaughan Vaughn 
Resource Page
went up in 1997 and our resources continue to grown!
Files within these pages include census records, cemetery listings,
marriage records, death  records, and much more. 

Many thanks to every contributor.

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 Long time member, David Robertson, has submitted multitudes of records on our early Vaughan Vaughn lines out of Virginia. 
If you are researching lines out of Virginia, you will be interested in looking through David's files. 
To check them out, click HERE

Data Base
Over the years, many members have submitted their family information to
Vaughan Vaughn DataBase. 
We have over 75,000 listing in the database at this time!!!!

If you would like to add your line information for inclusion to the database,
click HERE.


Special Project
Vaughan - Vaughn - Vaughen
Y-DNA Testing Project
The Vaughan - Vaughn - Vaughen Surname Y-chromosome, DNA Project was officially begun on January 12, 2004. Having read many success stories in matches with DNA for genealogical purposes, we decided that it is time to try to advance our research in the many cases where there are no written documents to help to prove our ancestry.
For more information  click HERE!

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